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Consciousness - Dear Cristiano Ronaldo - give it a try

Dear Cristiano Ronaldo,

you're famous on the pitch and off the pitch. We see you now smiling on the walls of iconic landmarks in seven big cities including Milan, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and Madrid.
You're wearing trunks because they are part of your new collection of underwear.

Bild: facebook/Cristiano Ronaldo

I like the trunks, the socks, and the design, it's a fine collection. But I would never buy them.
It's all about consciousness. This is what I try to realize in my live and this it is, what a lot of people try, every day more and more. The world is changing. We're searching for quality, yes, I think, you too. You talked about materials and the try to get better every day. Me too. And a lot of others as well. Let's have a look to the facts. If your products shall be outstanding products, they should be made of fabrics which are:

  • made with the idea of sustainability
If you wanna be the number one, think about "putting a halt to the global environmental damage and threats to cotton farmers’ livelihoods caused by conventional cotton farming and processing. Up to 80% of world cotton production currently comes from Genetically Modified (GM) crops (with
95% of the seed in India controlled by one company: Monsanto). In addition, more than
U.S. $3 billion worth of pesticides that can cause a variety of risks to humans and the
environment were used on conventional cotton in 2010.
" (

  • produced fair
I don't know where the production locations are, but I'm pretty sure: if the fabric would be made by partners which are driven by the ethical fashion idea, you would talk about this aspect. There are companies and there are celebrities who collaborate already.

If you're really wanna be the best, give it a try and change your mind from being the trademark CR7 to being a really modern leader.

I'm sure, that, if this letter ever reaches you, you will think about these arguments . You're a dad and and you care, so give it a try - be conscious off the pitch like you're conscious on the pitch.

Respectfully yours
#Hala Madrid #HalaCR7

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